Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Now Healthier !! Campbell's Chunky Soup Review

Do you remember eating soup when you were a kid? My favorite lunch was Campbell's Tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich. I thought that I was getting a real treat! My mom was sneaky that way. She never let on that I was eating a nutritious and cheap meal.

Fast forward a few years. I still love soup! Soup is one of those perfect foods. It's inexpensive, filling, easy to make,and can be good for you. The nutritious part has just become better!

I was very excited when Campbell's asked me to taste their new Chunky soups. I have been a fan of Campbell's soup for years. Campbell's Chunky has improved their soup line. The Chunky soup line-up now has 23 soups that offer a full serving of vegetables and 100 percent lean meat. The new improved soups will be in the grocery stores this fall.

I love that fact that I get a full serving of vegetables and leaner meat but the best thing is the soup tastes great! My favorite soup was the Sirloin Burger with Country Vegetables. I could tell that the meat was leaner. One can was enough to fill me up at lunchtime.

At an average price per can of $2.59, it helps make an inexpensive lunch or dinner. The new Campbell's Chunky soups will also be available in microwaveable bowls.
These will be great for my husband to take to work. Better than the plain old sandwich and a whole lot cheaper than eating out. Plus with so many great varieties to choose from, you won't get bored eating the same thing everyday.

Also, starting Sept 9th, you can check out Campbell's new site at www.ChunkySoupGamePlan.com . The new site will be loaded with healthy tips and interactive tools from Men's Health.

Let Campbell's Chunky soups help you save money and eat healthier!


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