Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sears $10 off Coupon is DEAD

OK, I hate ranting about things but I think this deserves a rant. Sears has pulled their $10 off coupon and will not accept the Internet printed copies at the store. Sears will only accept the coupon card insert from the Seventeen magazine.

This was not a fake or fraud Internet coupon. It could be printed directly from the Sears website. I am sure that Sears had too many coupons being used so they decided not to honor the coupon. That is just bad business! Message to Sears: Hire competent marketing people who know about social media and the Internet! It can't be that hard!

Sorry for the rant! For the record, I used one coupon on the first day to buy a shirt for my niece. I was hoping to go this weekend and buy a pair of leggings for my daughter. Oh, well. I guess I won't be shopping at Sears.


Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

That sucks I was going to use the coupon this week.

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