Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Free iPhone or iPod iTouch Apps & Games 9/15

Free is good! Here are the fun free apps that I found today. Remember that most of these are free for a limited time.

Thinking about a iPod or iPhone for Christmas, you can download your apps now and save them for later.

Spot The Difference ~ simple puzzle game which shows you 2 versions of an image. These images are SLIGHTLY different, and you have to find this difference between these images.

Photo Map ~ a map is displayed showing thumbnails of all of your camera roll photos at the location at which they were taken.

TKO Wings ~ a space shooter game

ParkingPal Touch ~ This is the iPod Touch version of ParkingPal. Find your car, how much time is left on the parking meter etc.

Snack Count ~ helps keep track of the number snacks that you eat

Steel Guitar ~ free for very limited time ~ it's comprised of the four instruments that defined a good deal of Rock, Blues and Country.

Extra! Extra! ~ brings the front pages of all the major newspapers from around the globe to your iPhone and iPod Touch, every day.


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