Sunday, June 21, 2009

Christmas Shopping at Garage Sales

My family knows that I buy gifts at garage sales. They don't care because they receive nicer gifts. You can find great gifts at garage sales. OK, now some of you are thinking, I can't give a gift that I purchased a garage sale. Why not? Some items are new and others are barely used. I usually purchase about 50% to 70% of my Christmas gifts at garage sales.

Here are some great ideas to get you started:

Babies & Toddlers: people are always selling new baby items that they didn't get a chance to use. A toddler does not know that you didn't buy the gift at the store and doesn't care.

Kids & Teens: I find brand new toys all the time. Also why pay $19.99 for a board game when you can buy for about $2. If you are buying a used toy, then make sure that all the pieces are there. For girls, you can buy new hairbands and necklaces. For teens, you can find used video games and DVDs.

Adults: do you have a relative that collects a certain item? Chances are you can find it at a garage sale. Precious Moments, Dept 56, candles, etc are easy finds. Small appliances are great gifts and usually are barely used.

So save some money and keep items out of the landfill by Christmas shopping at garage sales.


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