Monday, January 31, 2011

Free Coupons Email Campaign 1/31

Happy Monday! I have already started receiving coupons in the mail. So here are the companies to email today.

Enjoy Life

Is Paybox a Scam ???

Have you heard about getting $25 for signing up for Paybox? Paybox is suppose to be like Paypal in that it is an online payment service. If you want to sign up, click here to get your $25. But you might want to read the rest of this article first.

I saw a Paybox post on a blog and signed up. You also receive $10 for referrals. After I signed up, I looked at their "blog". Their post on January 31st, has a link for a "training course" that they recommend. That link takes you to a Clickbank product that you can purchase for $37.

Hmm... I don't ever remember Paypal trying to sell me anything! Looking closer this what I found:

* there is no address for this company on their website or blog.
* all account balances are held in Paybox currency. What is Paybox currency? According to Paybox, their currency is "is autonomous and independent of all nations and governments."
* Paybox can discontinue the service at any time without any explanation or notice to you
* PayBox is registered in Montenegro which means it is not subject to US regulations.

Could it be legit? Maybe but I seriously doubt it. I don't think taht I will be getting my $25 in Paybox currency.

Monday New Week Reminders 1/31

There are some deals coming up soon! Here is a reminder list so you don't miss out.

2/3 - Free Firecracker Chicken Breast at Panda Express. Printable coupon.

2/4 - Free bottle of Coffeemate on Facebook at 9:00PST

2/5 - Home Depot Kids Workshop:Heart Shelf

2/6 - Free Planters Flavor Grove Almonds on Facebook at 6 pm EST.

2/12 - Lowes Build & Grow Kids Clinic: Music Box

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Personal Challenge Disney World Update 1/29

My personal challenge is to raise $3500 for my Disney World trip by June 1st. If you have a personal challenge post, then can enter it into the Linky below.

This was my first week on the challenge. I am doing pretty good for the first week. I received my first free coupons from my emailing campaign.
Here are my totals this week:

2 Free Coupons for Michelina's entrees = $6
Adsense revenue $24.86
Ebay Selling $75
Amazon $0

So my total for the last week is $105.86 !! It is a good start!

Free Coupons Email Campaign 1/29

Well, I didn't get a list out yesterday. A short trip turned into a almost all day event. So I am adding a few extra to today's list.

Ice Mountain Water
Soy Vay
Hefty Trash bags

Click here to see the all the posts for free coupons and the form letter. I will be emailing every day except on Sundays. Join with me and hopefully we will all get coupons.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Free Coupons Email Campaign 1/27

Here are the companies that I am emailing today:

Del Monte

HyVee Deal: Miller and Coors Beer Refund

If you shop at HyVee then here is a deal for you. Through January 30th, HyVee grocery stores have Coors beer and Miller beer on sale for $12.99 for an 18 pack.

There is a mail in refund (available at the store) for $25 back when you purchase an 18 pack of Coors or Miller beer and when your total in store purchase is over $100. It is like getting $12 (25-13) to apply towards your $100 grocery purchase. If you can't find the refund, ask at the cutomer service desk.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Free Coupons Email Campaign 1/26

It's Wednesday! I can't wait to start getting some coupons in the mail.

Here are the companies for today:

Annie's Homegrown products

Click here to see all the Email Campaign posts and the form letter.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In To Win Wednesday Giveaway Round Up 1/26

I love giveaways! So let's all share the Linky love. Do you have a giveaway on your blog or website? Please leave the link for it below. Only family friendly links please! The link should go directly to your giveaway page.

Free Coupons Email Campaign 1/25

**I am emailing companies in the hopes of receiving high value coupons. This will help me save for my Disney trip.**

Here are the companies that I am emailing today:

Perdue chicken
Stacys Pita Chips

Remember, if possible to talk about a personal experience with the product.

Staples 15% off One Item via Printable Coupon

Staples is offering 15% off one item (excludes computers) with this printable coupon. Coupon is valid through 1/29/11.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Einstein Bagels Deal: Free Bagel w/Purchase of Drink

Just bounce over to Einstein Bagels on Facebook to print a coupon for a free Bagel Thin Single and Light Shmear with any beverage purchase. Click on the Coupon tab and "Like" Einstein bagels in order to print the coupon.

Free Coupons Email Campaign 1/24

It's Monday! I am emailing companies in the hopes of getting high value or free coupons.
Click here to see the all the posts for free coupons and the form letter. I will be emailing every day except on Sundays. Join with me and hopefully we will all get coupons.

Here are today's companies:
Mission Foods
Silk Soy Milk

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Free Coupons Emailing Campaign : Day 2 , 1/22

Here is Day 2 of my emailing for free coupons campaign.

Pepperidge Farm : You can find a upc code here.

Pan-o-gold : they make Country Hearth bread

Remember to talk about a specific product. For example: my daughter loves the Country Hearth Kids Choice bread.

Yesterday's post had a form letter and first list of companies. You can find it here.

Slurpee Rewards Free Codes = Free Redbox + More

Join Slurpee Nation Rewards! Slurpee Rewards has some great free stuff including a free Redbox rental for 5 points. Other free items that you can get include Facebook credits, t-shirts, and video game items for Little Big Planet 2 and Kill Zone. I will tell you an easy way to get 10 points right now!

Join Slurpee Rewards
Verify your account by clicking on the link sent to you in your confirmation email.
Enter the following codes:

ZWMT -LPSJ-SFMQ – 2 points

BSBV-MJTB-DNQN – 2 points

ZPNV-WZPX-HHFR – 2 points

GRDC-PGGC-CXKM – 2 points

GZHM-VJWT-XGJJ – 2 points

You can only enter 5 codes per day. So here is another code to enter tomorrow.

HFTQ-SGQZ-CTPM – 2 points

Find the free Redbox rental under the tab called Movies Stuff. Redeem your points

Friday, January 21, 2011

Free Coupons Email Campaign 1/21

This is the first day of my email coupon campaign. I will be emailing companies every day to try to get coupons. I will be posting the link to the companies email so you can join in. There is no guarantee that we will get coupons but hopefully we will receive some. I decided to do an email campaign so I don't waste money on postage.

I have a "form letter" below to help you. Remember to try to include personal feedback about the companies products.

Dear (Company Name)

I wanted to let you know that I (love/hate/never tried) your (product name). I feel this way because ( give personal reason).

I (will/won't) be purchasing your product in the future. (you can ask for coupons her if you want to - usually they send coupons even if you don't ask)

Thanks for listening,
(Your full name and address)

So here are my companies for today:

I will give updates on any coupons that I receive. Good luck to all !!

Saturday Personal Challenge Link Up !! - Disney World

Do you have something that you want to save for? Maybe a special vacation, something that you would like to buy or a even fitness goal. I have started this linky so we can post our personal challenges and goals. Every week you can post an update about your personal challenge on your blog and then link up here! I am very excited to hear about everyone's challenges!

My Personal Challenge: Paying For Disney World Trip

I love Disney World! I am so excited that my family will be going this summer. I figure that the trip with transportation and meals will cost about $3500.
I have decided to challenge myself to earn that money through blogging, couponing, and rebates. It is a big challenge but I am hoping to pull it off.

I will be giving weekly updates on my progress and a overall monthly update. Maybe you will be inspired to try a challenge of your own.
So what counts towards my goal?

Any income earned through my blog and websites.
Income earned through rebates on items that I would have purchased normally
Free item coupons
Ink catridge recycling
Selling on Ebay
?? other ideas that I come up with

I decided not to include all my coupon savings because I use coupons on a normal basis. If I counted that money towards the Disney World trip, then my regular grocery budget would go up.

In order to get more coupons, I will be starting an email campaign to companies. I will be posting a daily list of the companies that I email so you can join in if you want to. Hopefully, we will get some free coupons and other goodies!

Friday Favorites: My Cuisinart Panini Maker

Did you ever really want an appliance but then when you get it, you never use it? Oh my gosh, that has happened to me! I have appliances that collect dust around my house. BUT not my panini maker!

I absolutely love my panini maker! Why?

Fast & Easy
Easy for teenagers to use (Awesome!)
Economical/Cheap lunches and dinners

I use our panini maker almost everyday. I like to use the Italian bread from the grocery store bakery. It costs $1.99 and makes about 8 sandwiches. The lunch meat cost about $3 a pound and a pound makes more than 8 sandwiches for us. In summer, I like use fresh veggies from the garden to add some extra crunch to the sandwiches. Even plain old grilled cheese sandwiches taste better out of a panini maker.

I have definitely saved money by making cheaper lunches and dinners. If you are looking to save money and time then you should consider a panini maker. You can find panini makers at Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond (use a coupon!), and Amazon.

Personally I like the Cuisinart panini maker because I think that it is more sturdy and just built better. But you can find cheaper versions. The one pictured above costs

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Free Movie Ticket With Pizza Hut Purchase

Free movie ticket! Master Card and Pizza Hut have teamed up to offer you a free movie ticket.

* Just go over to
Pizza Hut and place a delivery order of at least $25 or more
* Then pay with your MasterCard

* You will receive a code redeemable for a FREE movie ticket code for an AMC, Regal, or Cinemark movie ticket (a $10 value).

You should receive your ticket in 2-3 weeks.
Offer is valid through February 13, 2011

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hot! $20 Amazon Credit for only $10

Hurry over to Living Social. You can get a $20 Amazon credit for only $10!!! Wow! There are never Amazon discounts like this so grab it now. This deal ends sometime today.

Upadte: BBW LUV Card

Just wanted to give a quick update on my missing I LUV Bath & Body Works card. I did receive an email from Bath & Body Works saying that my information was in their database for the card. They will be sending out my card and apologized for the delay.

YIPPEE!! I am so happy. Hopefully it will come soon enough that I can get the free gift for Januaury.

If you are still missing your card, I recommend that you do the following:
1. Contact them by using the contact form on their site

2. Call them at 1-800-395-1001 and let them know that you signed up but did not receive your card.

I did both of the above so hopefully it will work for you too. Unfortunately, if you didn't sign up earlier for the BBW LUV Club , you can't get a card now.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

In to Win Wednesday Giveaway Round-Up 1/19

I love giveaways! So let's all share the Linky love. Do you have a giveaway on your blog or website? Please leave the link for it below. Only family friendly links please! The link should go directly to your giveaway page.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Ebay Money Maker - Free Murad w/Purchase

Murad has a great deal right now. You can read the details here.

Basically you purchase the book, The Water Secret, from one of the retailers listed. When you buy the book, just forward the email confirmation to Then Murad will mail you the two FREE full-sized products: Renewing Eye Cream and new Hybrids Eye Lift.

The best price for the book is Walmart with the ship to store for $10.75 or Amazon price of $10.91 with free Amazon Prime shipping. Then you can turn around and sell the 2 Murad products on Ebay. The Renewing Eye Cream is selling for $35 to $45 (that is selling not just listed). The Murad Eye Lift is selling for around $20 on Ebay.

So for $11, you can get a book and two items. Sell the the items for $55 (conservative estimate) less selling fees. Estimated profit: $55-$11-$10(fees)= $34 profit plus book for a gift or to read.

This deal expires 1/31/11 or while supplies last.

Chili's Free Appetizer w/ Purchase of an Entree

Get a Chili's free appetizer with the purchase of a entree with this printable coupon.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Favorites: Glad Press'n Seal Wrap

I love buying items on sale! I especially love to get meat on discount. Unfortunately I always had a problem with freezer burn. I would use expensive freezer bags and try to get all the air out but it never did the job.

For many years, I thought about buying a foodsaver machine. I loved how the food looked in the commercials: it didn't get freezer burned, cheese didn't mold as easily, and it just looked fresh. But I could never justify buying the machine and then having to pay for the bags to run in machine.

Well, I am happy to say that my problem is solved. I love,love, love the Glad Press'n Seal Wrap. Check out my photos below!

This chicken has been in my freezer for about 2 months. I bought a bunch of chicken when my local store was having a great sale. It looks the same as the day that I put it in the freezer.

Glad makes the Press'n Seal Freezer Wrap and the Press'n Seal Wrap. I have used both of these. The freezer style is a little stronger but you can use the regular Glad Press'n Seal Wrap in the freezer. That is actually what I have used in the photos above. The cost at my store is $2.89 per package (840 feet).

Here a couple of tips for using the Press'n Seal Wrap:
Separating your pieces of meat (as shown with chicken) seals each piece individually.

If you separate your pieces of meat, you can just remove the package and cut off the correct portion size since each piece is sealed individually. This works great with hamburger patties.

Check for the Glad Press'n Seal Wrap at your local store. You can also find the Glad Press'n Seal Wrap and the Glad Press'n Seal Freezer Wrap on Amazon.

New Target Coupons on RedPlum

There are 2 new Target coupons available on the RedPlum coupon site.

Get a Free $5 Target gift card when you purchase 2 of the 12 pack Viva Giant Roll Paper Towels, 24 pack Scott Bath Tissue or 30 pack of Cottonelle Double Roll Bath Tissue.

- get a better deal by using with $1/1 Scott Bath Tissue, exp. 2-27-11 (SS 01/16/11) or the $1/1 Scott Paper Towels, exp. 2-27-11 (SS 01/16/11).

Get a FREE 72ct. Huggies Natural Care Wipes soft pack with purchase of Huggies Diaper pack (88ct or larger Little Movers, 112ct. or larger Snug and Dry or 168ct. Little Snugglers)

Free Eggbeaters Coupon - Working NOW!

The free Eggbeaters coupon is now working. Click here and scroll down to the bottom right of the page. Or you can copy and paste this link:

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In to Win Wednesday Giveaway Round-Up 1/12

I love giveaways! So let's all share the Linky love. Do you have a giveaway on your blog or website? Please leave the link for it below. Only family friendly links please! The link should go directly to your giveaway page.

Free Dog or Cat Toy

Yoo Hoo! Sign up to get your free pet toy from .
I signed up for my little cute dog! I hope it comes.

Snapple Rebate - No Form Needed

There is a full price refund (up to $6.99) on a 6 pack of Snapple drink. No form is needed. Just print your name and address on a 3 x 5 card. Mail the card, UPC from the Snapple 6 pack case, and register receipt (dated between 1/11/11 - 3/1/11) to the following address:

Snapple 6 Pack Rebate Offer
PO Box 40896
Houston TX 77240

The rebate is one per person NOT one per household. Each rebate must be mailed separately.

Thanks to Coupons, Deals and More for finding this rebate!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Olive Garden Free Appetizer/Dessert w/Purchase

Get a Free appetizer or dessert at Olive Garden with purchase of 2 entrees Good up to a $9 dessert/appetizer. Expires 1/31.

Rebate Alert : Free Wheatables Crackers

Purchase a box of Wheatables Original or Toasted Honey Wheat crackers, then mail in this rebate form to receive the full price back up to $3.89 . Must be postmarked by 3/30/11 .

Money Saving Tip: Use Your BBW LUV Card

Did you receive your Bath & Body LUV Club card in the mail ? Remember to run out to the store on any Thursday during the month to get your free item.

What is the free item? The free item for January is your choice of full size Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap.

My daughter received her card but mine has not come. Boo Hoo! I just sent an email to BBW asking them about my card. Unforunately the sign up phase is now over. Hope you signed up when I posted about the club in November.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Favorites : 1-800 Flowers

* Welcome to Friday Favorites! In Friday Favorites, I will be talking about my favorite products and services. These are not paid posts or advertisements. These are real products and services that I personally use and love. *

Wow! I am amazed at the great customer service from! I had won a gift card through a blog contest last year. So I ordered a Christmas centerpiece for my mom. When the centerpiece arrived, some of the lilies had brown spots and looked wilted. So I emailed the 1-800 Flowers customer service. I mentioned what the flowers looked like and offered to send photos.

The next morning, a new centerpiece was delivered at no cost! I was extremely pleased with the service and the quick correction of problem. I knew that when I was ordering flowers again that I would definitely use 1-800 Flowers.

But, wait! Today I received a letter from 1-800 Flowers apologizing again for any inconvenience. They included a $20 gift card to use on a future purchase.

Wow! I am blown away! This company has shown to me that they want me as a customer and that they want their customers to be happy. From this personal experience, I can highly recommend 1-800 Flowers to everyone! I love that they corrected the flower error immediately. Then they went above and beyond my expectations by sending the gift card!

Way to go 1-800 Flowers! You are a Friday Favorite!

Two Free Nights at Grand Sierra Resort, Reno

Two Free Nights at Grand Sierra Resort, Reno, ANY DATES! Extends to March 31, 2011. Call 1-800-501-2651 with offer code 2FTG or go online to .

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

In To Win Wednesday Giveaway Round Up 1/5

I love giveaways! So let's all share the Linky love. Do you have a giveaway on your blog or website? Please leave the link for it below. Only family friendly links please! The link should go directly to your giveaway page.

Free Product Coupon from Mom Made Foods

Go over to Mom Made and take the healthy pledge. They will send you a free product coupon in the mail.

Mini Wheats Class Action Suit = Refund for Buyers

Did you buy Mini Wheats cereal between 1/28/08 and 10/01/09 ? If you did, then you are entitled to $5 per box purchased with a total limit of $15 (3 boxes). You need to access the claim settlement website and complete the claim form before 06/03/11 .

The class action settlement is due to advertising by Kellogs which made claims about Mini Wheats which could not be supported.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Money Saving Tips: AAA Members Get $5 Tanger Outlets

Save more money this year! If you are a AAA or CAA member, register your AAA/CAA card at your closest Tanger Outlet Center. Then when you travel, show your AAA/CAA card at any other Tanager Outlet and receive a $5 gift card.

From the Tanger Outlet website:
"As a special bonus offer to our AAA/CAA members, receive a FREE $5 Tanger gift card when you visit another Tanger Center. Simply show your AAA/CAA card at any Tanger Center and we will enroll you in the program. Then, each time you visit a different Tanger Outlet Center, stop at the Tanger Shopper Services to pick up your free $5 Tanger gift card. Limit one $5 gift card per AAA/CAA member, per year, per Tanger Outlet Center location."

Disney Movie Rewards: Another 50 Points Code

Hurry to get your 50 points! I am not sure when this code expires. Just go to Disney Movie Rewards and enter the code: D11M20R01NY .

If you have not signed up for Disney Movie Rewards, consider doing so. There are usually free points and you can receive points for movie ticket stubs too.

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