Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Free iPhone or iPod iTouch Apps & Games 9/22

Free is good! Here are the fun free apps that I found today. Remember that most of these are free for a limited time.

Thinking about a iPod or iPhone for Christmas, you can download your apps now and save them for later.

MonsterABC ~ flash card application for your iPhone

Launch-a-Lamb ~ Fling, toss or jettison a single sheep or a whole flock

Voter: Reality TV, Polls & More ~ call-to-vote American TV shows like never before. For the iPhone only.

IM Gomoku ~ is an ancient game said to be originally found in China.This is a game for two players.

Mazer ~ solve randomly generated mazes.

Flick & Dodge ~ Attack by aiming and flicking the objects. Dodging busters on the path in quick action. Looks cute!

Always Cute iLOL Dogs-2,800 Pics + Vids ~ over 2800 cute dog pictures

Yummy Bugs ~ fun, fast-paced arcade-style game where you take on the role of a hungry lizard.


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