Sunday, September 20, 2009

Holiday on the Cheap: Bath & Body Works Basket

It seems like a long time until December but it will get sooner than you think. I spent part of my day taking inventory of my Christmas present stockpile.

I put together this simple and cheap Bath & Body Works basket for my niece who is in college. This is a great gift idea for any teenage girl or woman on your holiday list.

I started out with my collection of Bath & Body Works items. I looked over my baskets and containers for something to put the items into. I choose this metal pencil holder that I purchased at the Staples .01 sale. Total spent so far .01 !

Alternatively you can use any fun container or basket. Next I tried to find items that looked good in the pencil holder. I chose these items.

The nail file and ps I love you lotion were $1 each. I used a free lip item coupon with each purchase so the two Liplicious were free. The shower gel and the aromatherapy lotion were also free after any other purchase. I usually buy the nail files for $1 as my purchase item. So I will count the shower gel and aromatherapy as $1 each for cost. Total cost now is $4.01 .

I used a scrap piece of tissue paper to make to the items sit in the pencil holder better. Then I used a leftover piece of green tissue paper on top of clear gift wrap paper. I purchased the clear gift wrap paper at Michael's with a 40% off coupon. I still have a lot left and I have used it on other baskets also. I am going to count the cost at .50 for the wrap. Total cost now is $4.51 .

Alternatively you could wrap each item individually inside the basket. I tied the wrap together with ribbon saved from last year's gifts. I always save my ribbons from gifts! Cost for ribbon is .00 so the total cost of this gift is $4.51 !

It is not too late for you to make a basket like this! Bath & Body Works has a free trial size lotion coupon with any purchase. Click here for the coupon. Buy a cheap $1 item such as a nail files and small gift bag. Also my store had the p.s I love trial size lotion for a $1 at the checkout counter. I am sure that there will be great coupons and sales before Christmas!


Julie said...

Thanks for sharing-:)

Momma Such said...

Looks great! What a great idea! :)

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