Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday Blog Hop: Why Read My Blog

It's Blog Hop Tuesday! This week's theme is Why Read My Blog?

OK when I saw the theme for this week, my first thought was "Ugh!!" I hate self promoting myself! Oh well, I decided to participate so here goes nothing.

Why read my blog?
1. I try to have fun in my blog! Whether it's being funny or finding something fun.

2. My blog lists great freebies and deals. Who doesn't love something for free?

3. I am a huge garage saler, ebayer, and basic money saver. I try to pass on some of my great ideas to my readers.

4. I do giveaways and reviews of products that I like myself.

5. As a mom of two teenagers, I have a different perspective than moms with younger children. I love reading funny stories and seeing cute photos of little kids on other blogs. It makes me think of when my kids were younger. But you won't find a baby stroller or toddler dress review here.

6. I post often! Usually I do several posts a day.

7. Ok, now I should say that my blog is about my readers. It's really about me. I just love sharing stuff. When I get excited because I signed up for a new freebie, my family is like "oh yeah, another free shampoo sample". But when I share my great freebie find online so others can get it too, then I feel like I am not alone in my quest of saving money. The comments that I get on my blog mean so much to me!

So as Shirley Maclaine put it so eloquently " You like me, you really like me!" Thanks for reading my blog.

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