Sunday, October 18, 2009

Menards Deals 10/28 - 10/24

Menards has more good rebate sales this week. Remember to roll your Menards checks into new free items. Only completely free items need a $10 purchase of non-rebate items.

Free After Rebate items for this week
Hex L Key 7 piece $2.50

Free after $2.50 rebate
limit 4

Smart Caulk Tool $5
Free after $5 rebate
Limit 3

Other good deals:
Jumbo bag of Hershey's Snack size candy
$1.50 rebate
= $2.49 per bag

Free after Reabte items from last week ~ still good
Dry Cleaners Secret 6 pk $5.00
Free after $5 mail in rebate
Limit 2

All Purpose Paint Brushes $4
Free after $4 mail in rebate
Limit 4

Turtle Wax Cleaning Cloth, Shop Towels and/or Wash Pads $2
Free after $2 mail in rebate
Limit 2

Pro Wash Detergent $5
Free after $5 rebate
Limit 2

16' Tape Measure $2
Free after $2 rebate,
Limit 3.


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