Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's Ebay Time !! Listing Your Item on Ebay

So you are ready to list an item on Ebay. I am going to talk you through a listing for a Lego toy. Depending on what you are listing some item specifics could be different. Don't worry, it is actually really pretty simple! Here are some easy step by step directions

Page 1
1.The first screen asks for the category. If you did your research then you should already have an idea of which category to use . You can use the Browse Category button or enter keywords.

Page 2 has a lot of details.
1. Title: This is important. Remember to use your Keywords and try to use all the space allowed.
2. Subtitle: The cost is .50 extra. I only use this great items that I really want noticed.

3. Next is Item Specifics: (these can be different for different categories)
Condition: make a choice
Age: if your item has an age range
Type: usually there are some choices or you can enter or your own

4. Pictures: the first photo is free. Extra photos cost .15 or you can buy a package. I usually include several photos.

5. Description: describe your item here. If you were the buyer, what things would you want to know about the item?

6. Listing Designer: here you can choose a background for your listing. It costs .10 for designer listing. I really think that this makes listings look better. I always buy this for .10 .

7. Auction vs Fixed Price: here you make a choice between Auction and Fixed Price. Remember that the first 5 auctions each 30 days are free.

8. Choose your starting price and if you want a Buy It Now price or for Fixed Price just list your price.

9. Choose the duration that you want your item listed for.

10. Now you can choose when you want the auction/fixed price to start. If you start immediately then there is no charge. I prefer my items to end at night so I pay the extra .10 to choose the day and time for the item to be listed.

11. Electronic Payment: you need to have a Paypal account. Ebay made this rule change about 1 year ago.

12. Shipping details: use the Shipping Wizard link to help you choose your shipping option. You need to also decide if you are going to ship internationally.

13. Return Policy: you must specify your return policy.

Page 3: Review your listing
This last page offers upgrades to you listings. More importantly it shows how your listing will appear and the total cost of listing the item.

When everything looks good then hit List your Item. Congratulations, you have listed your item on Ebay.


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