Sunday, October 18, 2009

Disney Movie Rewards 100 Points Scavenger Hunt

I just received this info in my email. Disney Rewards is having a Halloween Scavenger Hunt where you can earn up to 100 points!! It is pretty easy to do.

First if you are not signed up for Disney Rewards then sign up

I can't give you the answers to the Scavenger Hunt but just follow the easy directions below to find the answers. .

1) for 10 points:
Find the "Traveling Spell" video clip of this bewitching classic. What's the last word of the spell that Miss Price casts
on the bedknob Paul brings her?
here to find your answer

2) for 20 points:
In the "Bonus: Original Cast" clip, you learn that the two stars of the original "Witch Mountain" films joined the cast of Race To Witch Mountain as Sheriff Antony and whom?
here to find your answer.

3) for 30 points:
Read the "Plot Summary" section. What do Lumpy and Roo decide to catch so they can be "brave together, brave forever"?
here to find your answer.

4) for 40 points:
Find the "Original Poem Opening" under Film Clips. As it's told by the narrator of
this spooky tale, Jack Skellington doesn't
like what?
here to find your answer

Then when you have the answers, log onto and go to the "Enter Codes" page.Simply enter the correct words you found—just like entering a MagicCode—to collect your bonus points.


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