Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween! I hope that everyone has a great night with their trick or treaters. I can't wait to see the little kids who come to our door. They are always so adorable!

My daughter is very excited about her Halloween party. Fourteen teenage girls in my house! That is very scary!

I am so happy that we set the clocks back an hour tonight. Aah, an extra hour to sleep in. I will need that after the Halloween party.


kalea_kane said...

Thank you so much! Have a wonderful Halloween! I hope your daughter has a great time, and that you all survive! :) Fourteen teenage girls under one roof on Halloween is a fright!

JAS said...

Thanks for posting on my site. Glad your daughter had a great party. They really are fun at this age and I bet you were exhausted this morning. Fourteen is a lot. I'll be checking out your site often.

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