Sunday, January 17, 2010

Budgeting Tps # 9 : Cut Your Movie Entertainment Costs

Watching a movie at the theatre costs more now than ever before! Movie tickets at my theatre are $9.25! Of course, the price of the popcorn and pop are outrageous. If you buy snacks, a trip for two to a movie can cost $40.

Fortunately we do have more options today. If you really have to see that movie in the theatre then go during the "discount hours" or see the movie at the 2nd run theatre. For discount hours, check your local newspaper listings or the movie theatre website. Also Costco sells gift cards for some movie theatres at a discount. To find a 2nd run theatre, google "discount movie theatres in your zipcode".

If you can wait to see a movie on DVD or TV then your options to save money are even greater. Take advantage of the Redbox free rental codes or pay the $1 a night rental fee. If you belong to Netflix, you can watch some movies instantly on your computer or Tv. The movie rental stores have been offering discounts for rentals during the week. Of course, you can also find movies at your local library for free!


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