Monday, January 25, 2010

Budgeting Tips # 14 ~ Make Dinner Special

If you have been cutting back on eating out, dinners at home can start to seem a little blah. You will start to be tempted to go out to a restaurant for dinner. Instead try these tips to spice up your dinners at home.

• Make your dinner more of an event. Bring out your best china and light some candles. The atmosphere will make your dinner seem more special.

• Try a new recipe. Is your cooking in a rut? You can have a goal to try one new recipe a week.

• Jump start the conversation at the dinner table. You can take strips of paper and write topics on them. Then put the slips in a jar on the table. Each person has to draw a slip of paper and discuss the topic. Ideas for topics include what was the best part of your day, say three things that you did today, talk about 3 things that you want to do tomorrow, etc..

• Let your kids pick a menu and help cook it. This is extremely popular with kids. They like being able to help in the kitchen and choose the menu. You can set rules on how crazy the menu can be.

Dinners at home can be fun! Do you have more ideas? I would love to hear them so leave a comment.


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