Sunday, January 10, 2010

Changes to Officemax Ink Cartridge Recycle Program

Officemax has made some big changes to their ink cartridge recycling program. It is not good news! Now you can recycle only 20 cartriges a month for a total reward of $60.

In addition, you have to spend $60 in the store during that month to receive your recycling rewards. If you spend less, then you only get a partial reward. For example if you spent $50 at Officemax in January and recycled 20 cartridges then you would only be entitled to receive $48 in ink rewards (3 x 16). According to the new rules, the remaining $12 for the last 4 cartridges will be carried forward incase you spend money the next month.

Here is the list of rules from the email that I received:

• You will earn $3 in rewards for each qualifying* ink or toner cartridge that you recycle.
• You can earn up to $60 in rewards per calendar month per member (from 20 ink or toner cartridges). While there is no limit to the number or brand of ink/toner cartridges you may recycle, you will only receive rewards for the brands and limited quantity noted.
• Simply present your MaxPerks ID when submitting cartridges to ensure you receive credit.
• The total amount of recycling rewards issued cannot exceed your total qualified† purchase amount in your MaxPerks account.
For example, if you bring in 20 cartridges throughout Month 1 and spend $50 on qualified purchases, your Month 1 recycling rewards earned will be $60, but the rewards that will be issued to you will be $48 (which is $3 for each of 16 cartridges). The remaining $12 for the last 4 cartridges will be held in your account in a “pending” status until you make additional qualified† purchases in at least $3 increments in subsequent Months or until January 1 of the following year, when the account balance will be reset to $0.

• Recycling rewards will be issued in the next statement cycle along with any other MaxPerks rewards you may have earned during the same period.
• For complete terms and conditions, go to


lfhpueblo said...

Crude, I bet when Staples finds this out they'll be doing the same thing too. I use Staples where I live, but when one store does something like this it seems like the others follow in tandum. Crude.

Christel said...

I guess I will be taking mine to Office Depot then.. hmmm..

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