Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Budgeting Tips # 11 ~ Cut Your Paper Costs

Do you use paper towels and paper napkins? How much computer paper do you use? All of these items cost money. If you can cut the amount of paper products that you use then you will save money and help the environment too!

Paper towels: think before you use a paper towel. Can you use a dish towel to wipe up that spill?

Paper napkins: try switching to cloth napkins. Cloth napkins are easy to throw in the wash. They don't take up much space. If you don't have cloth napkins, look for some at garage sales or thrift stores. If you have a remnant piece of cloth, click here for directions on how to make your own cloth napkins.

Printer paper: I try to get my printer paper when it is cheap but with two kids in school, it still adds up. At our house, we routinely use both sides of the printer paper. Since most printing is one-sided, we just flip it over and use the other side. I don't do this for coupons but it works rough drafts of term papers, directions, notes etc. We just keep a separate stack of paper that can be reused.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this...had NEVER thought of making my own napkins and I already USE cloth napkins! FAB! Also, another thing I do to save paper is any junk mail that I get or packing slips or just any paper where one side is blank, I use it! Print on the back!

Becca said...

Dish towels / paper towels are a killer for me. I end up using paper towels because I always feel like the dish towels are dirty *sigh*

Great tips!

Anonymous said...

I decided several months ago that when I get my own place, I'll only buy paper napkins and paper towels when company comes and use cloth napkins and towels for just me. It seems like it really will help a lot.
Thanks for the computer paper tip! Never thought about that.

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