Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Recall ~ Possible Free HP Laptop Battery Replacement

This may be old news to some people but I had never heard about it so I decided to pass it on to you. HP has a recall on some of their laptop computer batteries. I have listed the models affected below. If your notebook is listed then click here to determine whether this recall program affects your battery. Scroll down the page to where it says Getting Started and follow the directions. Not all batteries are affected.

Compaq Evo
N1010v**** N1050v****

G6000* G7000*

HP Pavilion
4200**** dv6500* dx4000**** zd8100**** ze4500**** ze5400****
dv1000** dv6700* dx5000**** ze2xxx*** ze4600**** ze5500****
dv1xxx*** dv7000**** dx6000* ze4100**** ze4700**** ze5600****
dv2000* dv8000** dx6500* ze4100/xt1xx**** ze4800**** zv5000****
dv2500* dv9000* dx6700* ze4200**** ze5155**** zv5200****
dv2700* dv9500* dx7000**** ze4300**** ze5200**** zx5000****
dv6000* dv9700* zd8000** ze4400**** ze5300**** zx5200****

1100**** C700* R3000**** V2400** V3700* X4000****
2100**** F500* R3200**** V2xxx*** V6000* X5000****
2500**** F700* V1000**** V3000* V6500* X6100****
A900* M2xxx*** V2000** V3500* V6700*

HP Compaq
6720s* nc6110** nc6230** nx4820** nx6120** nx9100****
9000**** nc6120** nc8000**** nx48xx*** nx9005**** nx9105****
9005**** nc6140** nw8000**** nx5000**** nx9008**** nx9600**
nc6000**** nc6220** nx4800** nx6110** nx9010****


Anonymous said...

I wasn't aware of this recall! Thanks!

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