Friday, January 8, 2010

Budgeting Tips # 1 ~ Don't Be Afraid to Ask

Have you ever seen someone with a grocery cart full of one item? Did you wonder if that item was on sale? I have found that when it comes to getting deals that sometimes you have to gather your courage and just ask. Most people are very nice. I just casually stroll up by the person and say "Wow, those "items" must be on sale?". Nine times of ten, that person is eager to share their bargain story with you.

Don't be afraid to question a store clerk. Are you looking for an item that is out of stock? Ask when the next shipment will be in or ask if they give rainchecks. If a store reguarly has sales or coupons in the paper and you don't have one with you, ask the clerk if they have that you can use. My Younkers department store has coupons on a regular basis. I discovered that they would keep a flier behind the desk and if you asked they would ring up a coupon with your purchase. How did I make this discovery? I asked one day when I had left my coupon at home. Unfortuately Younkers does not this policy anymore since they were bought by another company.

So gather up your courage and ask!


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