Monday, January 11, 2010

Budgeting Tips # 4 : Shop at the Bakery Outlets

Do you shop at the bakery outlet stores? Some people think that the bread is old but that is not true. I love shopping at the bakery outlets! The prices are usually 40% to 50% less than the grocery stores. They are even cheaper than Walmart.

In my town, we have Wonder/Hostess outlet and the Sara Lee bakery outlet. So how can the outlets be cheaper? The Hostess outlet receives shipments directly from the bakery thus cutting out the middleman. The Sara Lee outlet sells slightly imperfect packages because of cosmetic damage or slight weight difference.

The best part is that they carry the name brand specialty items such as the 45 calorie Sara Lee bread. That loaf of bread would cost about $3.50 at the regular grocery store but it is only $1.75 at the Sara Lee outlet. They also carry the cinnamon swirl bread that I love. The Hostess outlet has their brand name snacks such as Hostess cupcakes and Ding Dongs at a great discount. The Hostess outlet also has a shopper card which gives you a discount after a certain number of purchases. Usually you can get plain bread and buns at Aldi cheaper than at the bakery outlet.

Sometimes the bakery outlets will have specials too. Lately the Sara Lee Deluxe Bagels have been .99 at my store. When I asked the clerk (remember don't be afraid to ask), she said that they were overstocked and they would be that price until the stock went down.

You can find a bakery outlet by looking in your phone book or by searching online for bakery outlet and your city name. Hostess makes it easy to locate their bakery outlets by just using this store locator


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