Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Day Has Gotten Better

I was a little grumpy this morning. My kids would probably say I was extremely grumpy. It seems like everything that we own is breaking or in need of repair.

I have not been able to fix the kid's computer. I have spent over 7 hours working on fixes for it. I downloaded anti-malware programs but they have not worked. I cannot get rid of that Personal Guard 2009. I am so frustrated!

On top of that, our Whirlpool front loader washer broke last Friday. It has be broken before but we were doing the unplug and replug in. Before we managed to get it working but not anymore. It is sad that this machine is only 2 years old. The repair guys don't want to touch it. To fix what might be wrong would cost $300 and it may not be what is wrong. So I have been looking at new washing machines.

To top it off, I need a new set of tires for my car. So it seems like money is just pouring out of my budget.

So I was extremely happy to see that I sold 3 items on Ebay! Last night, I finally had gotten around to listing 4 items. Today, I sold 3 of the 4 items! I am so happy. After fees, I will get around $90. It is a great start! So things are looking up!


Christel said...

Glad your day is turning around! I have had days/months like this. Things always break down. We also have an HE washing machine but purchased the 4 yr warranty! I just know we will need it! Something always seems goes wrong! We just had new tires put on our van, too! And just last week the back tire sprung a leak! Luckily we have a repair shop close by that is dirt cheap ($8 to fix a flat, $20 to put new brakes on, but we had to buy them from Napa) and the guys are super nice! Replaced the front breaks shortly after the tires.. so yeah, it adds up fast! Hubby had to fix his car last week and it cost a little over $150 for the part alone and a nice gentleman from church helped him put it on for free. I still need some work done on the van. But, it will have to wait until our taxes come back next year. We need a new dishwasher next. That is the last major appliance left in the house we didn't replace with new yet. LOL After we get a new dishwasher, I hope they all stay good and running for a long long time! Take a deep breath.. it will all be ok! (I was happy to sell a few things on ebay too!!)

Twincerely,Olga said...

great to hear!! i hate when everything breaks at the same time or close!

Karla Scott said...

HI I can so relate to you right now! Not in a good way either!
My daughter and I were sick for about a 2 wk period and she had to miss some school and go to the dr and she got mess but I didn't. She is doing much better just still had a bad cough and i still have a cough to but feel so much better then we have for awhile. Then my son gets it! Of course I knew it was coming so he was home on Mon from school. I sent him to school cuz he didn't have a fever but I should have really made him stay home on Tues.
So that is the sick part of this story.
Last week my water pressure in all the faucets went down to just a very small stream and hot water was coming out of the cold and the hot faucets! I called the plumber and he worked most of the day on it. Not a good sign anyways he had to replace the pump I think he said it had a big crack in it. I still don't know how much that cost he had to send the bill out. I do not want to know lol! Then the day my son stayed home for school I had to run to town to pay tags and taxes and get him some cough meds. Will I come out from Walmart and started the car up and something made a kind of loud pop! OMGoodness! I just prayed I would make it home cuz there was no one to call to help us. I go to Game Stop because I had told my son we would get a cheap game for him to play since he was sick. OMGoodness the brakes had gone out and when I tried to stop nothing happend so I slammed it into park and came to a very qiuck stop! I almost ran in to the front of the building! Thank God that did not happen. When we pulled out ot leave I took the back way home because there is less traffic. I did not stop at one stop sign and no one got in my way so we made it home at about 25 miles per hr. No problem! When I pull in to my drive the car starts roaring and shaking and shuddering and so I let my son off and take the car to the shop which is a 3/4 of a mile away. I was scared if it turned it off it would not start at all.
So then I had to walk home when I got home I went staraight back to bed just to see if I got up again if my day would be better!!!lol
So 2 days later and my car is now home all fixed up.
But there was a little angel I guess that knew this single mom of 3 needed help paying my car bill. I had no money for the water pump or the car! I did not know how I would pay it just figured I would make payments. So they called me to tell me my car was ready today. When I asked wht was wrong with it she really would not tell me. I asked how much and she says this "I am not to tell you she said she didn't want you to know she paid your whole bill"!!!!!OMGoodness did God work this out for me or what? I just can not get over how God does come thru with a answer so many times for me! Thank God!!
So I got the car and I do not knowwho paid for it and on top of it I feel so blessed!
I am so sorry this went on so long! I just can not help but share this with people.
Praise God Always!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear it's turning around. Sounds like you've had a rough week.
I'm sure you've tried it, but there are a few solutions for your computer problem here:
I've had a few doozies on home and work computers the last month or so. I hope you get it fixed!

Theta Mom said...

Glad to hear it's getting better for you!

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