Saturday, August 15, 2009

Save Time ~ Use a Autofill Program

Do you use an Autofill program? Autofill programs save time by filling in information for you. You can use them when filling out forms for freebies or entering sweepstakes. Just think of all the times that you have to enter your name and address on internet forms!

The two main programs are Roboform and Google Autofill. I use the Google Autofill program because I already had the Google Toolbar. It was really easy to set up. Some people really like Roboform because it offers more fill-ins and options. Usually the programs work great but always double check to make sure that all the information is filled in correctly.Here are details on the two programs:

This program fills in forms and remembers passwords for you. The plain version of Roboform is free but the Roboform Pro costs $29.95 . Lots of people use the free vesion with no problems. Click
here to see details on the plain version. All versions require a download from the internet.

Google Autofill
This autofill program is found on the Google toolbar. So if you have the Google toolbar, you only need to activate the Autofill and fill in your information. Click here to find information from the Google website on how to activate your Autofill and set it up. It even has a video on how to do it.

If you need to download the Google toolbar then click here for more information.


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