Friday, July 10, 2009

Target Couponing 101

Did you know that Target has their own coupons? This is a well known fact among avid couponers. You can find great deals at Target!

You can find Target coupons on their website by clicking
here. Also you can print multiple Target coupons easily by using A Full Cup website. Click here to see coupons on A Full Cup. The great thing is that A Full Cup keeps track of all the Target coupons that are still valid.

Some of the best deals are found by combining manufacturer coupons and Target coupons on the same item. Yes, you can use both coupons on the same item. For example, if Target has a coupon for $1.00 off Tombstone pizza and you have a coupon from the Sunday inserts for $1.00 off Tombstone pizza then you will get $2.00 off a Tombstone pizza.

So combine your coupons and get a great deal at Target!


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