Tuesday, July 14, 2009

CVS Photo Books Are Great!!

I just returned from CVS. Right now, I have made 4 photo books for FREE!! I went last night to make one then I went this afternoon to make 3 more.

The regular price is $12.99 but they are on sale for $7.99 . Then you receive an Extra Bucks for $7.99 making it free after Extra Bucks. I made my books one at a time and used the Extra Bucks from the previous book to pay for the next book.

They are really easy to make once you figure out the machine. I had never made a photo book at the store until now. Just make sure that you choose the 6 x 8 photo book. The book is 10 pages and you can have up to 3 photos per page. The first page looks better with one photo because it will show through the cut-out of the book.

The limit must be five because I have not reached my limit after making four books. I plan to go tomorrow to make my last book.

Do you know someone who would like photo book? Maybe grandparents, friends, or other relatives? This would make a great Christmas or Birthday gift for someone!!


Mama Hill said...

I haven 't quite figured out the CVS shopping/extra bucks thing. I would like to, though, because I always hear about awesome deals! I think it would be great to make these of the babies for the grandparents!

Smart Cents Mom said...

Don't be discouraged! It is really easy. Since you don't have any Extra Bucks, you would have to pay $7.99 for the first photo book. After you make the purchase, the $7.99 Extra Bucks will be attached to your reciept.

Then use the $7.99 Extra Bucks to pay for your next book. You can use it right then on your next purchase of a photo book. After you are done purchasing all your photo books, you will have a $7.99 Extra Bucks left.

The Extra Bucks are good for several weeks. So you can use the Extra Bucks to purchase something that you need or you can use it to purchase more items that give Extra Bucks.

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