Sunday, July 12, 2009

Can You Have Too Much Hamburger ?

I was alerted on Friday night that my local Target had 80% ground beef for .99 lb . Now I usually buy the leaner ground beef or the extra lean ground turkey but I could not resist buying the ground beef at that price.

Standing in Target on Saturday morning, I was wondering "How much should I buy?" . I decided to buy 25 lbs of the ground beef. My husband and I set up an assembly line in the kitchen. We made some into hamburger patties and fried the rest of the ground beef. We put it all in the freezer in meal size packages for our family.

When you run across a great sale, it is best to stock up as much as your budget can afford. This was a wonderful sale for me. Now I have a good supply of ground beef to use for quick dinners!


Nicole said...

We have a home meat delivery service and we get 9 months of meat delivered at a time.
I think that's great you were able to get such a good deal on ground beef. 99cent/lb is almost unheard of anymore.

Amy said...

I agree. While it seems sort of crazy walking out with that much meat we use it. I drank the stockpiling kool-aid and it works. Love your blog, might see you at i-blog!

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