Saturday, January 22, 2011

Slurpee Rewards Free Codes = Free Redbox + More

Join Slurpee Nation Rewards! Slurpee Rewards has some great free stuff including a free Redbox rental for 5 points. Other free items that you can get include Facebook credits, t-shirts, and video game items for Little Big Planet 2 and Kill Zone. I will tell you an easy way to get 10 points right now!

Join Slurpee Rewards
Verify your account by clicking on the link sent to you in your confirmation email.
Enter the following codes:

ZWMT -LPSJ-SFMQ – 2 points

BSBV-MJTB-DNQN – 2 points

ZPNV-WZPX-HHFR – 2 points

GRDC-PGGC-CXKM – 2 points

GZHM-VJWT-XGJJ – 2 points

You can only enter 5 codes per day. So here is another code to enter tomorrow.

HFTQ-SGQZ-CTPM – 2 points

Find the free Redbox rental under the tab called Movies Stuff. Redeem your points


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