Friday, January 21, 2011

Saturday Personal Challenge Link Up !! - Disney World

Do you have something that you want to save for? Maybe a special vacation, something that you would like to buy or a even fitness goal. I have started this linky so we can post our personal challenges and goals. Every week you can post an update about your personal challenge on your blog and then link up here! I am very excited to hear about everyone's challenges!

My Personal Challenge: Paying For Disney World Trip

I love Disney World! I am so excited that my family will be going this summer. I figure that the trip with transportation and meals will cost about $3500.
I have decided to challenge myself to earn that money through blogging, couponing, and rebates. It is a big challenge but I am hoping to pull it off.

I will be giving weekly updates on my progress and a overall monthly update. Maybe you will be inspired to try a challenge of your own.
So what counts towards my goal?

Any income earned through my blog and websites.
Income earned through rebates on items that I would have purchased normally
Free item coupons
Ink catridge recycling
Selling on Ebay
?? other ideas that I come up with

I decided not to include all my coupon savings because I use coupons on a normal basis. If I counted that money towards the Disney World trip, then my regular grocery budget would go up.

In order to get more coupons, I will be starting an email campaign to companies. I will be posting a daily list of the companies that I email so you can join in if you want to. Hopefully, we will get some free coupons and other goodies!


Michel J. said...

These is very interesting, i want to know how you
get extra income online.
thanks for sharing it..

SmartyMommy said...

Michel I agree with you.
Please share us how to earn extra online. I was denied by google adsense. So i hope i can still have means to earn through blog.
I am also earning. My goal is to travel hongkong disney with my daughter on december. I'm from the Philippines. I put $1 everyday on our two piggy banks. one for my daughter and one for myself.

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