Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Favorites: My Cuisinart Panini Maker

Did you ever really want an appliance but then when you get it, you never use it? Oh my gosh, that has happened to me! I have appliances that collect dust around my house. BUT not my panini maker!

I absolutely love my panini maker! Why?

Fast & Easy
Easy for teenagers to use (Awesome!)
Economical/Cheap lunches and dinners

I use our panini maker almost everyday. I like to use the Italian bread from the grocery store bakery. It costs $1.99 and makes about 8 sandwiches. The lunch meat cost about $3 a pound and a pound makes more than 8 sandwiches for us. In summer, I like use fresh veggies from the garden to add some extra crunch to the sandwiches. Even plain old grilled cheese sandwiches taste better out of a panini maker.

I have definitely saved money by making cheaper lunches and dinners. If you are looking to save money and time then you should consider a panini maker. You can find panini makers at Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond (use a coupon!), and Amazon.

Personally I like the Cuisinart panini maker because I think that it is more sturdy and just built better. But you can find cheaper versions. The one pictured above costs


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