Monday, January 31, 2011

Is Paybox a Scam ???

Have you heard about getting $25 for signing up for Paybox? Paybox is suppose to be like Paypal in that it is an online payment service. If you want to sign up, click here to get your $25. But you might want to read the rest of this article first.

I saw a Paybox post on a blog and signed up. You also receive $10 for referrals. After I signed up, I looked at their "blog". Their post on January 31st, has a link for a "training course" that they recommend. That link takes you to a Clickbank product that you can purchase for $37.

Hmm... I don't ever remember Paypal trying to sell me anything! Looking closer this what I found:

* there is no address for this company on their website or blog.
* all account balances are held in Paybox currency. What is Paybox currency? According to Paybox, their currency is "is autonomous and independent of all nations and governments."
* Paybox can discontinue the service at any time without any explanation or notice to you
* PayBox is registered in Montenegro which means it is not subject to US regulations.

Could it be legit? Maybe but I seriously doubt it. I don't think taht I will be getting my $25 in Paybox currency.


Savvy Couponer said...

It sure does sound like a scam to me!!

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