Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Saving on Everyday Items at Garage Sales

Garage sales are a bargain hunters dream! Garage sales are a great place to save on household items. You can spend full price at the store or you can get new or slightly used items at great discount.

Here are some of the deals that you can look for:

Gift supplies: wrapping paper, gift bags, and cards can be found easily at garage sales. I have bought never used cards and gift bags for .25 each.

Party supplies: graduation, wedding, and anniversary party supplies can be found. Usually people are selling the decorations that they used and paid full price for. When you find a sale with these items, you can usually pick up all your decoration supplies at once.

Toys & Games: buy for birthdays and Christmas gifts. Since stores have tightened their return policies, it is not unusual to find brand new toys at a great discount.

Appliances: find new and slightly used appliances. People purchase new appliances thinking that they are going use them a lot. Then reality sets in and they realize that they don't really like their new appliance so they sell it at their garage sale.

Books: I like to check out books from the library but I buy books at garage sales to take on trips or give as gifts. Hardcovers are usually $1 and paperbacks are usually .50

DVDs & Music Cds: I buy DVDs for my kids to watch in the car on trips to their grandparents house. I buy cds to load on to my Ipod. DVDs are garage sales are priced around $2 . Cds are priced around $1 each. A lot cheaper than at the store.

Kitchen items: lots of dishes and kitchen utensils. I bought my can opener at a garage sale.

Decorator items: you can find vases, lamps, curtains, bathroom decor etc. , People want to change the look of their rooms so they buy new decor items. Then they sell the barely used items at their garage sale.

I could list many more bargains but you get the idea of the deals to be found. I will talk tomorrow about how to find garage sales and pick the best ones.


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