Friday, June 26, 2009

Money Saver Christmas : Start Now

I just realized that Christmas is 6 months away. It will be here fast. Now is the time to start planning for a Money Saver Christmas. I will be doing a series of articles on how you can get free or cheap Christmas gifts. There are many ways to earn gift cards and gifts. Some ways are super easy and others require a little bit of work. You can choose the ideas that you think will work for you.

I already posted about buying Christmas gifts at garage sales. You can see the garage sale articles

You can't buy all your Christmas gifts at garage sales. Maybe your daughter wants an iTunes gift card or your son wants a new SpongeBob Lego set. You will end up buying some gifts at the store.

You need to start now and you need a plan. All you need to start is a notebook, an envelope for gift cards, and a empty box for gifts.

Starting tomorrow, you can keep track of your Christmas savings progress.


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