Thursday, June 4, 2009

Be Proud of Using Coupons!!

I have been using coupons for forever. My mom used coupons and did refunds so it has always just been a part of my life. I actually have fun finding a great deal with my coupons. Now using coupons has become mainstream because of the economy. Still, though, some people look down on coupons or they just don't understand how much money you can save.

So if there is someone in your life who doesn't think that saving money with coupons is worth the effort, I have a little trick that I use. When they say coupons are not worth it, you take out your wallet. Drop a penny on the ground and say " Would you stop to pick up a penny?" Of course, they will laugh and say no. Then you say "I wouldn't either". Next, take a $1 bill out of your wallet and drop it on the ground. Ask them if they would stop to pick up a $1. Now almost everyone will say "Sure, I would pick up a $1". Then you can say " Coupons are like that $1 bill. They are found money. I save money on my grocery bill every week . Not using coupons is like walking past $1 bills all over the ground." Oh, yeah, remember to pick up your $1.

People also forget that coupons are tax free money. Every $1 bill in your wallet is what is left after taxes. Coupons are not taxed. By the time that you account for state taxes, federal income tax, and FICA, that $1 coupon is more like $1.50 in wages that you earn.

So be proud of using coupons and saving money! Everyday more people discover the financial benefits and fun of using coupons!


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