Monday, December 14, 2009

MySims Agents & Boom Blox Bash Party Wii Reviews

If you have a tween or teen, they probably have a video game on their wish list. My kids love the Nintendo Wii. So I was very excited to receive 2 Wii games by EA Games to review. The problem with Wii is that some games adapt well to the platform and others not so well. No one wants to waste money on a game that is going to gather dust.

My first review is of Boom Blox Bash Party. This game is the sequel to the critically-acclaimed BOOM BLOX game for Wii. It was developed by EA in collaboration with director and producer Steven Spielberg. Players have to focus on their reflexes and puzzle solving skills. Players use the Wii Remote to direct objects and forces toward structures made of blocks in order to knock them over. It sounds easy but it is so much fun. There are hundreds of levels! One of the best things is that this game be played by up to 4 players. It makes it more of a party game.
This a great game for teens and tweens!

My second review is of MySims Agents. It is easy to see why this has become a hot game for the holiday season. There is plenty of action in the game. You can investigate suspects, travel to exotic lands,and solve puzzles. You can even change the Agents outfits and decorate the secret headquarters. This game is a lot of fun to play. The puzzles may be a little too easy for older teens. If your child likes the Sims games then they would probably enjoy this game. I recommend this game for tweens and younger kids.

**I received these games for free from EA Games for review purposes. I received no other compensation. The opinions given are my own**


lori said...

Great review! So cool that you got these!

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