Friday, July 15, 2011

Netflix Price Increase

If you are a Netflix subscriber, then you received the email about Netflix raising prices starting September 1st for current subscribers and immediately for new subscribers. I am not the only one who thinks that Netflix is shooting themselves with this price increase.

Right now I pay for the 1 dvd at time and I get the streaming. The cost is $9.99. Also I pay for my mom's service at the same price. This was a Christmas gift for her since they live so far out of town. So right now, I pay $20 to Netflix a month.

So after the price increase, I would be paying $32 a month. So an increase of $12 per month or $144 a year. So overall it isn't too bad BUT it is a large increase for something that is already a luxury. I don't need Netflix. Quite frankly, I would probably be better off watching less TV anyway.

My bottom line is that I am not willing to pay a dime more than I paid before. Of course, I need to keep my mom's subscription. She doesn't use the streaming video because her internet is too slow. So I will change hers to dvd only for $7.99. Yahoo, a decrease there.

The problem for me is the subscription for my house. I could go with the streaming only option for $7.99 but Netflix has a limited supply of movies and TV shows for streaming. Actually lately I am having a hard time finding something that I want to watch on the streaming. I could go with the 1 dvd at a time but it takes a while to get the dvd. If I am diligent about watching the movie right away and returning it right away, I can get about 2 movies a week. Hmm.. 2 movies a week x 4 weeks = 8 movies = same price as Redbox and I have wait for the movie to arrive.

Redbox has opened close to my house so I do have a great choice for new releases. I am going to have to look into my other options. I think that I might keep the streaming only for $7.99 . My total cost per month would be $16 for my service and my mom's service.

Another really stinky thing is that if you change now, it takes effect now. So on August 31st, I need to remember to change my subscription. They should have really put in an option where you could put in the date of the change. Stinky in my book.

What do think about the price increase? Are you going to drop Netflux?


Keri said...

I was just thinking about joining Netflix, but this makes me hesitate. Sure, its cheaper than Direct TV, but watching less tv would be FREE.

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