Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Free Halo: Xbox 360 Premium Theme @ 7-Eleven Stores

Ok, I don't have a 7- Eleven near me so I waited for confirmation on this freebie. It has been confirmed. I have included photos above so you know what to look for

Get a Free Halo: Reach Honor The Code Xbox 360 Premium Theme at 7-Eleven stores - no purchase necessary. Some stores may not have put them out yet. People have just started finding them today.

These are pull off coupons that have a code for a free premium theme for Halo. People have found these in several places in the store.

Look for them:
By the Chips Area - make sure to look low on the shelf
On the Refrigerated Doors
On 2 Liter Bottles of Pepsi (would have to purchase?)

I know that people are going to scoop these up to sell on Ebay. Good Luck!!


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