Monday, July 12, 2010

Free Magazines After Signup at US Airways

If you don't have a US Airways frequent flyer miles account, you can sign up here and get 1500 miles. Then you can use the miles to get free magazine subscriptions. This is not a credit card, it is just to collect miles when you fly. Not a great deal if you are interested in collecting miles but if you just want free magazine subscriptions then it is a good deal. The offer expires on July 31st.

Here are the magazines that are available:

Entertainment Weekly 52 issues 1300 miles
Golf Digest 12 issues 700 miles
Golf World 40 issues 1000 miles
Sports Illustrated 56 issues 1400 miles
Barron's 26 issues 1200 miles
Money 12 issues 800 miles
W 12 issues 600 miles
Cigar Aficionado 6 issues 400 miles
Money 12 issues 800 miles
Essence 24 issues 800 miles


TXsunlover said...

I just ordered mine today. Got a free subscription to Entertainment Weekly. Sweet!

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