Monday, April 19, 2010

Last Weekends Garage Sales Finds

Finally!! It is garage sale season here in Iowa. I found several things to sell on Ebay.

I found this cute pirate troll dolls for $1. After some research, I believe that I can get $10 to $15 for the troll.

Then I found this Disney music clips player with 4 music clips for only .25! Some of these such as Mary Poppins sell for $25. The set that I found is the Little Mermaid. I can probably sell the clips and player for $15.

One way to find out more about collectibles to visit the many collector sites. You can find "official names" for the item to put in your Ebay title, information about pricing, and more information about the item itself.

Here are some of the collector sites that I like:
Troll Dolls
American Girl Retired Outfits
Fisher Price Little People


Krystal said...

Hello Smart Cents Mom,

I just love garage sales. I too sell items on Ebay. Its amazing at how much you can sell garage sale treasure for. Its so much fun.

carolpie said...

I still have mt two Trolls from the 60s! I didn't know they were worth that!
Good finds!

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