Tuesday, November 8, 2011

12 Free MP3 Patriotic Downloads for Veterans Day

FREE Patriotic Music Download from Amazon

Veterans Day Honor
The Bands and Ensembles of the US Armed Forces

Song Title Artist Time Price

1. To The Colors US Navy Band 0:38 FREE
2. Star Spangled Banner (The National Anthem) US Coast Guard Band 1:29 FREE
3. Man Behind the Gun US Marine Band 2:18 FREE
4. American Pageant (America, Yankee Doodle, Battle Hymn of the Republic, Dixie, America the Beautiful, Columbia the Gem of the Ocean) US Air Force Band of Flight 7:10 FREE
5. Garry Owen US Army Strings 2:21 FREE
6. When Johnny Comes Marching Home US Air Force Airmen Of Note 2:59 FREE
7. Here's to America US Army Band 2:56 FREE
8. Eternal Father, Strong to Save (The U.S. Navy Hymn) US Navy and Sea Chanters Chorus 1:56 FREE
9. Lord, Guard and Guide (The U.S. Air Force Hymn) US Air Force Band & Singing Sergeants 2:41 FREE
10. Holding the Flag for America US Air Force Band, Steve Ward 3:53 FREE
11. Retreat US Marine Band 0:26 FREE
12. Taps (with Orchestration) US Marine Band 1:21 FREE


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