Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Zoobles - So cute!

I saw my nieces last weekend. Since my kids are teenagers now, I always like finding out what are the new toys that they like to play with. I usually buy both of them a small Christmas gift so this is also my sneaky way of finding out what to buy for them.

Both girls are still playing with Littlest Pet Shop toys which I think are adorable. But now they are also playing with a new toy called Zoobles. Zoobles came out last year. You can make the Zooble form into a ball and then it springs open when it touches something metal. Of course, they are a variety of playsets and different Zoobles to buy. The zoobles are really cute. Also the girls can play online Zoobles games for free. Unlike Webkinz, you don't need a code to access the online games.

In addition to those toys, the girls love Squinkies too! It will be a hard choice to decide what to buy them for Christmas. Any other ideas?


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