Monday, April 4, 2011

Taking Stock of My Stockpile

I hate to run out of things that I need. Then, horror of horrors, I have to pay full price. So every couple of months, I take a trip through my stockpiles to see where I am running low. That way I can make sure that I look for sales and buy extra coupons for those items.

Today I was looking through my health/beauty items and cleaning supplies.

So what do I have a lot of in my stockpile:

Electrasol/Finish dishwasher tabs

Maxi Pads


Storage bags

What do I need more of:


Deodorant - especially men's. I have some Degree deodorant left but it is not my favorite.

Also I need more men's shaving lotion and toothbrushes. Not sure how I got so low on toothbrushes!

So remember to take stock of your stockpile! What do you have the most of in your stockpile??


Sarah Lynne said...

LOL, we have more toothpaste, bar soap and body wash then one family of four could need in 5 lifetimes!!!!

I agree with the stockpile check up every couple weeks. I do the same thing. I hate running out of anything, and I REALLY hate paying full price!!!

Lisa said...

My stockpile is the exact opposite of yours. I have everything you need more of and have almost nothing you have a ton of.

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