Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Free Coupons Email Campaign: Don't Get Discouraged

I have already started receiving coupons from the email campaign. I know from emails and comments that some of you have not been so lucky. You may have received emails from some of the companies saying that they are not giving coupons at this time. I have received some of those emails too. Don't get discouraged! It doesn't take very long to email a company so you are not out anything if you don't get a coupon. I know that if you continue the campaign that you will receive some coupons.

A good email about the product can help you get more coupons.

Here are some more ideas to help with your email:
* talk about a specific product if possible. Look on the website for a product that you have tried in the past.
* say something that you liked or didn't like. This could be the flavor, texture, ingredients in product, nutritional value, # of items in the package, size of package, how "green" the product is, recent commercial that you saw, product that was discontinued, product that should be discontinued, price compared to competing product, etc.
*Tell a story! Expand on that you didn't like it or you did like it. Examples: my son tried this and made a face that I have never seen before or my son has never found a cereal that he would continue to ask for at the store until he found your product.
* Be honest! If you have not tried the product, say so. Follow up with that you have heard good things about the product and that you might try the product in the future.
*Don't always ask for coupons. Companies will offer coupons without asking too.


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