Friday, September 17, 2010

Free Pringles Extreme on Facebook - Was a Scam?

Did you sign up to receive a free can of Pringles Extreme on Facebook? I know that several blogs posted about this offer. I did not apply for this offer because it asked for access to install an app on my Facebook account. For the same reason, I didn't post about it here on my blog.

Proctor and Gamble is saying that they are unaware of the offer. So this is a possible scam. If you installed the app and are worried about your Facebook acount being hacked, follow these directions:

1. Click on Account on Top Right of your Home Page
2. Then Scroll down and Click on Application Settings
3. Scroll Down until you See the Pringles ExtremeSampling application that was attached to your Facebook Account,
4. Move your cursor over to the far right and Click on the X to Remove It.

Some have suggested you may wish to change your Facebook password to better deter these hackers from compromising your Facebook Account to sell your information.
And also suggested you use or create our own separate Facebook Account just for Free Deals such as this, to protect our real personal info and the info of all of our real Facebook friends.


lfhpueblo said...

I read another blogger today that said it wasn't a scam and they are saying so on the P&G facebook page. So since I wasn't sure I uninstalled the app.

Smart Cents Mom said...

There are several conflicting stories now. Not sure if it was a scam or not. If you are worried, you can follow the directions to uninstall the pringles application.

regina said...

I don't recall having to install an app and I could not find the application on my Facebook page.

Smart Cents Mom said...

I didn't sign up for the offer.I stopped when it asked for access to my account. Several people mentioned that an app was installed on their account and they deleted it. Maybe they changed the promotion midstream?

There is still confusion on whether it was a legit offer. Maybe people will get the free coupon, maybe they won't. As long as you signed up, I doubt taking off the app would disqualify you (if it was installed), so why not just take it off to be safe? It would just be nice for the Pringles FB site to either post that it was a hacker or that it was just a mistake by the person who made the app for it.

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