Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer15 Weigh In ~ Week 1 ~ June22nd

I am participating Summer15 weight loss at Plus Size Bloggers. My weight loss this week was only 1 lb. So I am now at 169. I was hoping to lose more this week but at least I lost something. I have been walking every day so hopefully there will be smaller numbers in my future.


poohbearbeth@hotmail.com said...

I remember when I was trying to loose weight and got so so upset with the small numbers--one week was .3 next week was zero--one week was 4--I felt so so so down. But after a while it all added up..Keep it up!
Ill be happy to be a weight buddy!

JustTracyB said...

1 pound is good. Remember anything more than 2 or 3 would put you into realistic expectations. It's safer to lose smaller numbers, plus the smaller losses have better staying power!

Great job!

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