Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Great Free Apps for iPhone & iPod Touch

Here are some great free Apps that I saw for the iPod Touch or the iPhone. I am saving my money for a iPod Touch! You can download the apps and then when you get a iPhone or iPod touch, you will plenty of free apps to upload. Some of these are free for a limited time!

Free Apps:
1Password v2.4 (Reg. $4.99)~ securely store your important information and can automatically log you into websites with a single tap.

MobiList v1.0.5 (Reg. $0.99) ~ the simplest way to create any kind of check list such as shopping list, school supplies list, etc.

DropZap v1.41 (Reg. $0.99) ~ DropZap is somewhat like Tetris and Drop7 but with a new game mechanic.

Mr. Boom v1.0 (Reg. $0.99)~ Guide Mr. Boom, using simple and accurate controls, on a Rock-journey through 10 levels. The aim of the game is to pick blue powerballs to increase Mr.Boom size and power, dodging enemies and scoring points.

FourPlay (Four Letter Word Game) v1.1 (Reg. $0.99) ~ A simple, fast-paced and highly addictive challenge to make as many 2, 3 or 4 letter words as you can in 150 seconds.

Twitch Origins v1.1. (Reg. $0.99)~ tests your reaction skills to the limit, pushing your brain to new extremes. Featuring a unique multi-player interface, Twitch lets you play against three other friends using just one iPhone or iPod Touch.

bitFlip v1.0.0 (Reg. $0.99)~ A new FLIP on the classic match-three genre! bitFLIP combines quality aesthetics and sound to create a fun and frantic take on a game that we all enjoy. Play with your earbuds and get lost in the experience.
Match three or more pieces by swapping bits on the grid. For a real advantage, double tap to flip bits and clear the layer below.

Rate My Professors v1.1.1 (Reg. $0.99)~ Need help choosing your classes this semester? Want to give feedback on a professor you've had before? With more than 10 million comments on over 1 million professors at 6,000+ schools across the United States, Rate My Professors is the leading source of professor ratings based on feedback straight from students.

Jumping URL: Teleportation App v1.0 (Reg. $0.99) ~ Wouldn't it be great if you could search a bunch of YouTube videos on your computer, send all those links to your iPhone/iPod Touch and watch them on the native app before going to bed, on the train ride back home or when you are out taking a sunbath?

Smart Drop v1.2 (Reg. $0.99)~ an addictive and colorful casual Drop-to-break game, seamlessly combined with a puzzler for that extra grade of fun! If you love Tetris, Drop 7 or similar games, you can´t miss Smart Drop!

Kitty Claw Game v1.0 (Reg. $0.99)~ Players touch the screen to move Kitty along an Alley wall over trash cans and the players tap the Kitty character twice and his claw lowers into the cans to capture a variety of objects including Ricky Rat™. Player get points for each object grabbed before the time runs out.

Earth Vs Moon v2.1 (Reg. $0.99)~ Earth finds itself confronted by a previously unknown and totally baffling enemy – the nefarious Moon Army. Equipped with advanced alien technology, the Moon Army hurls its deadly Moon weaponry at vulnerable Earth citizens. Its mission? To enslave Earth-kind, plunder our natural resources and make a mockery of humans! Who will protect Earth now?!


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