Sunday, February 21, 2010

Budgeting Tips #18 ~ What to do with all the free magazines

So if you have been following my blog, you are probably getting a bunch of free magazines in the mail. So you read the magazine and pull out any coupons, then what? I receive a lot of magazines in the mail. I love passing them on to other people.

So here are some ideas:
• Pass the magazines on to family members or friends
• Leave them in the doctor/hospital waiting room. When my son went to physical therapy, I loved all the people who left magazines for people to read.
• Ask your local elementary school if they would like any magazines. Students need magazines to cut out the photos for school projects.
• Some libraries will take current magazines. One local library resells them in their used bookstore.
• Talk to your local nursing home or senior living center to see if they would like any magazines.

To be safe, always remember to pull your address information off the magazine cover.


Melissa said...

I love these ideas! I was just going through my big stack of magazines. We keep some because my daughter does use them to cut out pictures for school, but there are still so many left. Thanks for sharing :)

jtrophy said...

I always try to take a few with me to the Dr's office when I go :)

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